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We have so many types of breakfast charcuterie nosh boards. Our waffle charcuterie consists of waffles (large size or mini), syrup, whipped butter, yogurt, fruit, marshmallows, nutella, and chocolate chips. Board can be customized. Gluten free waffles upon request. 

Our oval breakfast board offers fresh berries, toasted chiabata bread with an herb/garlic boursin cheese topped with smoked salmon and sliced cucumbers.


A 13" round full of fresh mango, sliced cucumbers, burrata cheese, proscuitto, and blueberies.


We also have our lox and bagel board. They come in medium (feeds 6-8) or large (feeds 10-12) options. Gluten free is available.

All boards are customized. Due to the increase of the cost of goods, our prices have been temporarily increased.

Breakfast Noshes

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